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Onspanishtime is THE place for your communications needs for your trip to Spain. Short and long term rentals of everything you need to stay in touch the easy way. From a single, dual, or group cell phone rental for that vacation in Spain and/or Europe to a lightweight laptop pc equipped with an autonomous wireless internet connection that requires no WIFI network to have you surfing the WWW and e-mailing 24/7 wherever you go.

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    TABLETS, the best on the market with unlimited DATA option. Stay connected to all your social networks in style. Discover Spain with our pre-loaded Apps. Click here to show the option



The Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 totally connected for your time in Spain. Pre-loaded with the most useful Apps to both discover Spain and stay in touch with what-s going on back home. 100% customizable with your favorite Apps as well.

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Click here to show the option The DUAL Spain cell phone rental: Click here to show the option2 linked phones for discount calls between them.


Perfect for couples, families, business partners, etc... who may need to be able to call each
other aside from having to call back to home while in Spain. Two groups get separated, no problem. Kids run off to do their own thing you are still connected. Each phone has its own phone number and can call anywhere in the world but the 2 are also connected for DIRT CHEAP calls between the,. Call between the 2 phones for just 15 cents for up to an hours airtime, that's it!

All DUAL rental plans also include 800 free airtime minutes to call back to U.S.A. and Canada, you just pay the 50 cent connection fee for up to an hours airtime each call. Learn more about our DUAL Spain cell phone rental plans HERE.

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Click here to show the option Portable autonomous INTERNET connections to connect up to 5 devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc...): Internet ANYWHERE. Click here to show the option


2 ways to connect depending on your needs. 100% autonomous, no need to depend upon someone else's WiFi network. Just connect the unit to you laptop and start e-mailing/web surfing. Never be without e-mail and you won't have to depend on unreliable and locked up WiFi hotsots in Spain.


 mini USB ADSL modem stick.    
Get online with a single computer. The USB modem unit will give you connection speeds of up to 7.2MBps. Great solution for any laptops with a free USB 2.0 port.

More about our mini ADSL USB modem stick rentals for Spain HERE.


mini MiFi WiFi Network Router.    

The multiple device user, family, group or corporate solutions for internet connectivity wherever you go.  A Vodafone portable mini MiFi Wifi router equipped with a Vodafone data SIM card makes for the most reliable super-portable self-contained WiFI network you could ever have in Spain. Connect up to 5 computers and/or devices via WiFi.

More about our wireless MiFi router rentals for Spain HERE.






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