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Some most frequently asked questions about our GPS rentals. Click on the questions and the answers will appear below.

1. Will I have satellite coverage everywhere I go in Spain?

YES. Satellite coverage covers all cities and towns.

2. Can I leave the security deposit on a credit card?

YES. In fact we prefer it that way since we do not like to have cash lying around nor is it a good idea for you to travel with too much of it. When you reserve a rental you will see that there are steps to go through to make payment of the security deposit.

3. Do you have loss/damage insurance available?

NO, there is no insurance available from us on GPS devices so please take care of the items you rent. If you have private travel insurance for your trip however, you can ask the insurance broker if they will cover loss of and/or damage to our GPS devices.

4. Can I connect to the internet with the GPS?

NO. You should rent one of our smart phones or mobile internet devices for that.

5. Can I send and receive SMS text messages via the GPS?

NO. You should rent one of our cell phones or smart phones for that.

6. How do I pay for my rental?

The first step in reserving a GPS rental is to fill in and send a rental quote request via our reservations page HERE. Once we receive the form, we will get you a quote for your rental and payment information so that you can pay for the rental and lock it in via our SECURE online credit card payment system.

7. Can I use the device in other European countries?

YES. One of the models we offer has maps of all of Europe, please choose that model when you fill in your rental quote request.

8. Can I pick up my rental items?

NO, we do not offer this service.

Our delivery and pick-up options are varied, flexible and very reasonably priced so you will have to choose one of them for delivery of your rental items.

9. Can I have my GPS delivered to and/or picked up from an airport in Spain?

The only airport in Spain we deliver to and/or pick up from is the Madrid airport. If you need the GPS elsewhere, you will have to choose different delivery & return options, for example at your hotels. Please see our rental quote request form for more delivery and return options.



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