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Our system of DATA usage (for sending and receiving e-mail, browsing the WWW, using GPS and maps and data reliant Apps) is based on either prepaid data "bonos" or data packs or UNLIMITED data transfer. When you request an internet device rental from us, you will be asked to select either the amt. of initial prepaid DATA credit you want which we load into the mobile internet device for you pre-delivery OR our UNLIMITED DATA transfer plan.


INCLUDED in the cost of your rental is the SIM card in the tablet which provides the internet access and YOU DO NOT NEED TO RELY ON WiFi NETWORKS. You will have internet wherever you go for web browsing, e-mailing, GPS (maps) and using the built-in apps. and widgets to stay connected to your social networks (facebook, twitter, etc...) and check weather, stocks, news, etc...

When you request a rental quote via our quote/rental request form, you will be asked to choose the data packet you want from the available ones listed below.

DATA ALL AT 4G SPEEDS where available and 3G where not.

*UNLIMITED DATA - $60 PER WEEK. First 5GB at 4G speeds and then drops to 128/64kbps (down/upload) for unlimted amts.



-  DATA usage is considered ALL incoming and outgoing DATA (downloaded and uploaded).

NOTE: when a limited MB or GB data packet is used up you will be cut off from the internet and to reconnect you will have to contact us to purchase another packet.

Choose the plan that is best for you on our quote/rental request form).

*Please note: All prices on this web site are in $USD unless otherwise stated.