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Some most frequently asked questions about our mobile internet rentals. Click on the questions and the answers will appear below.

1. What is the data transfer speed of your devices?

We use the vodafone Spain data services which support GPRS, 3G and HSDPA connection speeds. Speeds range from 45 Kbps (GPRS) to 7.2MBps (MAX. 3G speeds = 7.2MBps download 5.7MBps upload) depending on the coverage available in the area you are using the device in. In most large cities and towns, the 3G network is available but in some smaller villages and rural areas the units will pick up the GPRS network only. The important thing to remember is that you will have a connection in 95% of the places you go in Spain so you will not be without internet.

2. Will I have internet coverage everywhere I go in Spain?

In general, coverage in Spain is EXCELLENT. More than 95% of the country is covered by the cell networks we use. The only place we have had clients experience trouble connecting to the internet with our mobile internet devices has been in very remote high altitude areas or very low valleys of the Pyrenees or other large mountain ranges. Likewise, in more remote small villages you may find that the connection speed drops to GPRS instead of the high speed 3G since 3G coverage is not available all over Spain on any network.

3. Can I leave the security deposit on a credit card?

YES. In fact we prefer it that way since we do not like to have cash lying around nor is it a good idea for you to travel with too much of it. When you reserve a rental you will see that there are steps to go through to make payment of the security deposit.

4. Do you have loss/damage insurance available?

NO, there is no insurance available from us on mobile internet devices so please take care of the items you rent. If you have private travel insurance for your trip however, you can ask the insurance broker if they will cover loss of and/or damage to our mobile internet devices.

5. What if I do not use all the data credit during my rental?

If you do not use the data packet that you purchase with your rental (see data rates for available data pack amounts) we cannot refund any money. We do not make any money on your data use (it all goes to vodafone Spain which is the cell company we use) so we cannot refund any either.

6. How do I add more data credit if I need it?

The mobile internet devices work on prepaid data credit via Vodafone Spain DATA SIM cards (inside the devices).

Data credit is added through us. If you rent with a prepaid limited DATA packet, when it gets low, you will receive a message on the unit warning you. All you need to do is call our local customer service number and we will add the desired data pack (250MB, 400MB or 1GB) for you and charge your credit card which you can opt to have on file with us.

7. What happens if I go over my alloted data transfer limit?

Since the data credit is pre-paid, if you rent with a limited data packet, when it runs out you will not be able to connect therefore it is impossible to go over your data credit limit. On the other hand, if you rent with an unlimited time based data packet, it will not run out until the contracted rental days have passed.

8. How can I keep track of my data transfer use?

The software included with the devices will monitor your data use so you can keep track of the transfer used at any time by checking it via the user interface.

9. How do I pay for my rental?

The first step in reserving mobile internet device rental is to fill in and send a rental quote request via our reservations page HERE. Once we receive the form, we will get you a quote for your rental and payment information so that you can pay for the rental and lock it in via our SECURE online credit card payment system.

10. Can I use the device in other European countries?


11. Can I send and receive e-mails with the device?

YES. Our mobile internet devices are meant for just that as well as using the WWW and any other task that requires an internet connection.

Also, if you want an e-mail account to use just for your trip and do not have or want to use your own, we can provide one FREE of charge for the duration of your rental. This e-mail address would have the following format - your or

12. Do you offer unlimited data use plans?

YES, please see our data rates page at for details.

13. Can I send and receive SMS text messages via the unit?

NO. If you need to send and receive texts, please consider renting a smartphone instead.

14. Do I have to buy a SIM card as well?

NO. By no means. All mobile internet devices INCLUDE A SIM CARD as part of the rental. The SIM card is ours is returned to us at the end of the rental, still inside the device. SInce the SIM card is in the device when we deliver it and you do not need to buy one, you save approximately $100 on a rental which is what a Spain data SIM normally costs.

NOTE: by no means should you open the device (where the SIM card is installed) unless instructed to do so by a member of our team. Unless there is a technical problem with the device (eg. SIM not inserted correctly), there is NO REASON to open the device.

15. How does data work?

Please see our data rates page.

16. Can I pick up my rental items?

NO, we do not offer this service.

Our delivery and pick-up options are varied, flexible and very reasonably priced so you will have to choose one of them for delivery of your rental items.


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