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  Rental plans include...
- The mobile internet item of your choice...
  - Our mini USB modem (connects 1 computers to the internet
  at a time).
  - Our mini portable MiFi (WiFi) network router (connects up
  to 5  computers/devices to the internet).
  ... with it's software (when required).
- Your desired amount of pre-paid data packs, see our
  data rates page for more).
- Clear instructions sheet for using the DATA services.
- Low cost delivery/pickup of the unit.
- Us and our expertise at the other end of the line in case you
  need to call on us. We must say that this is a bonus that
  is worth the rental fee alone.


mini USB modem.

MiFi (WiFi) network router.


MiFi (WiFi) network router in hand.

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