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Added benefits of our mobile internet rental service:

- Stay in touch NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO. Reliable internet connectivity should not
  be underestimated, whether it be for work or leisure.
- No need to depend on internet cafes nor other people's WIFI networks which in Spain are
  almost always encrypted.
- Most hostels with internet charge for their internet connections which can
  cost up to $25 per 24 hour period.
- INEXPENSIVE DATA RATES. Connect to the WWW and e-mail without going broke and
  without having to deal with internet cafes. See our data rates page for more.
- INTERNET ANYWHERE. Connect to the WWW and e-mail anywhere in Spain.
- Convenient delivery and pickup of the items anywhere in Spain or Europe.
- We are Americans based in Spain so we know what your communications needs
  while here will be.
- We provide EXCELLENT customer service. A local Spain customer service number for support.
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