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PLEASE NOTE: The Google/HTC Nexus One (official website at ) and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (official website at are smart phones are advanced pieces of technology. You should have some experience with using smart phones if you plan to rent one from us.

The short answer is because using your phone in Spain will be WAY too expensive to use on your current providers roaming plan. DATA use on roaming tends to be especially expensive but our rentals use the local cell providers to keep costs down.

Check and send e-mail and browse the WWW on the go with our Google/HTC Nexus One (official website at or Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (official website at smart phones. You can configure any e-mail accounts you like in the smart phones or we can do it for you before we deliver the phone. The Sony Ericsson runs the state of the art "Android" operating system developed by google.
Here are just some of the features of our smart phones...
- Web browser (easy web access).
E-mail (access your own accounts).   
- Maps with GPS (localization of your position and navigation instructions).
- Facebook, Twitter, etc... direct access icons (use facebook and
  twitter as if you were back home, update your friends on your travels through Spain).
- Apps (check the weather, news, stocks, play games, etc... all via easy
  to use apps).
- Advanced digital cameras for photos and videos (Sony Ericsson Xperia
  has an 8.1MP digital camera with flash and shoots video in HD. Also direct links to send your photos and videos via e-mail or share them on facebook.
- WiFi (connect to any open WiFi network).
Additionally, because most of the hostels here do NOT have phones in the rooms and the hotels and ones that do will charge you an arm and a leg for both long distance & local calls! They charge you at least double what the phone company charges them, this is a worldwide phenomenon so don't play around and risk getting huge phone bills from the hostels/hotels.
If your current smart phone is GSM compatible and unlocked , odds are good that you can use it in Spain. If this is your case, please consider buying a prepaid voice/DATA Spain SIM card from our sister site at
Whether you are coming for business, traveling for pleasure, the added security of a smart phone is a huge plus.
With inexpensive calling rates, 800 FREE minutes to call back home and 100% FREE incoming calls (from anywhere in the world), it is easy to see the convenience of having a cell phone for your trip.
Keep in touch the easy way.

Added benefits of our smart phone rental service:

- ALL-INCLUSIVE RENTALS. While other rental services require
  that you also purchase a  Spain SIM card form them, our rental phones include the SIM card as part of the rental hence you save you approximately $50-$70.
- FREE incoming calls from ANYWHERE in the world. You will NEVER pay for an incoming call.
- SINGLE, DUAL or GROUP rentals. We offer a plan perfect for just about any situation.
- 800 FREE airtime minutes to call back home to any phone in USA
  or Canada (80 minutes to Puerto Rico). You only pay the 50 cent connection fee on each call, the airtime is on us.
  See our calling rates page for more on this.
- INEXPENSIVE DATA RATES. Connect to the WWW, e-mail, maps,
  facebook, twitter, etc... without going broke and without having to deal with internet cafes. See our data rates page for more.
- Get your phone # via e-mail weeks before you leave home. When you request and confirm your rental with us, we can send you the phone number/s you will have here up to 2 weeks before you leave home so that you may give it/them out to whoever needs it/them BEFORE you leave for Spain.
- Convenient delivery and pickup of the phone anywhere in Spain or Europe.
- Most hostels do not have phones in the rooms and Hotels charge an arm and a leg for calls.
- Most of the payphones in Spain are broken (trust us on this one). Save yourself the
  headaches & frustration.
- Great for emergencies.
-   Much lower calling rates (national and international) than renting a European GSM phone from a service based in the U.S., check it out for yourself before you order. Shop around before you rent and if you find a rental service with lower calling rates than ours, your rental is on us!
  We are Americans based in Spain so we know what your communications needs while here will be.
  Our service uses the Spanish cell networks which are a LOT more reliable than roaming services other rental companies use.
- We provide EXCELLENT customer service. A local Spain customer service number for support.
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